March Sketches

I have placed the February 28th sketch with this group because I was very behind on completing a sketch a day. I have also been working in the workbook writing out and documenting reasons for my lack of sketching and ways to build the habit. I became very bored and unsure of what I really wanted to sketch even after Danny’s ample options. Some of my images would become very elaborate while others were just a quick group of random markings or application of watercolor, colored pencil, or oil pastel to an already started sketch.

I think next month I might just scan in portions of each image I sketch rather than scanning in the entirety of the sketch, because it looks like I will be overlapping and returning to a lot of the sketches to help fill everything in and make the pages my own. The following weekend sketches display a self portrait Danny drew of himself and a bell and hand depicting Pavlov’s research in classical conditioning My additions are the coat rack, picture hanger, bird, and a quick improvised sketch of Jacob eating the text. And although it can be a hinderance to have another artists work on the pages it is helping to give me a direction in completing the image while also considering balance and unity.