February Daily Sketches


Day 1, 2.16 :I decided to try a portrait sketch since its what I am the worst at. I used graph paper that was available in my notebook. This helped in lining up some of the features, but I tried to focus on the 80/20 rule so that I could try to eliminate the lines from my thoughts and just think about the steps in development.

Day 2, 2.17: I just finished the second half of the book and decided to add some color and it definitely taught me to think a bit more about what I want before I sketch, but to accept the changes I make throughout the process. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s sketch!

Day 3, 2.18: I really wanted to do something different, so I started doing still life rather than portraiture. And I went ahead and created the wall texture by just brushing a pencil over the paper while pressed against the wall. When I sketch I apparently really do not care about perspective. I really need to work on creating maybe just a bunch of contour drawings for a while and then working on detail later.

Day 4, 2.19: My nieces and nephew were over for the weekend and they brought their valentine teddy, so naturally I took advantage of the opportunity to combine the ideas of portraiture and still like. It was a lot of fun.


Day 5, 2.20: I really really really did not want to draw this night. And nothing seemed to be interesting enough to consider but I knew I really needed to think about more steps that Danny G talked about so I worked on shadows, contour, and of course sketching without worrying.


Day 6, 2.21: I have been creating a clientele for babysitting and took this adult coloring book with me because I knew by the end of the day I really would not want to draw again and I needed to start thinking about something new to keep me working creatively each day. The design artists signature is in the bottom right, my work is merely the colored pencil. It did get me thinking about pattern, color, and implied motion though which was nice to reconsider.


Day 7, 2.22: I found an old sketch that was partially completed but really focused on the ideas I wanted to revisit and think about in upcoming work. I  completed the image in a felt pen. I really need to find a new sketchbook or purchase a larger printer though because I am not fond of the fact that my scanned images cut out so much of the original image and that my phone images are such poor quality. I might try using my CamScanner app tomorrow and see if that gives me the quality and size I am looking for.

Day 8, 2.23: Most of my days lately I have not wanted to sketch so I have continued to go back to old images and fill them in and add some design. This particular image was partially ripped while babysitting. The woes of children. Probably a sign to stop working on old stuff and transition over to something new.

Day 9, 2.24: This image had a tag from a friend a few years back, but I went ahead and used the tag for an idea and went with an underwater scene. I still have yet to transition  over to my cam scanner so the scanner cut some of the image off.


Day 10, 2.25: I am so ready for the craziness of school and work to end I really am not sure where my mind is. Human eye, cat nose, giraffe ear, teeth, waves, and a good song to calm me.


Day 11, 2.26: Was suppose to be a portrait of Betty Who and it looked anything but intended, realized my perspective was all kinds of whack. I think I will try portraits because they help me to think about something more representational and not so organic. But maybe focus on individual features rather than entire faces until I can render more accurately.

Day 12, 2.27: This was an attempt at sketching kiesza but I got her features all out of whack trying to draw what I expected rather than what I saw. I suppose it is still better than my initial self portrait so my sketches are at least developing.