I have a B.F.A in Studio Art from the University of Oklahoma. I am currently completing my M.ED in Secondary Education at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am expected to graduate Fall 2017. I am pursuing professional experiences in the education and visual arts industries. In my spare time I am focused on  getting in touch with myself through self evaluating journalism, developing secondary education visual arts lesson plans, establishing a fine arts personal learning community, and researching social and cultural issues to remain open minded towards the world and its inhabitants.

My art has developed from conceptual ideas to expression in the most intimate manner. Much of my work recently has been through research of society and the implementation of good social skills, manners, and complete openness. Finding beauty in every day people and using various experiences to fuel a new style within my work. I have been talking about appropriating my old work into my new so as to never lose the time spent on those items. This could be a bad idea or a very grand one. Either way, the journal entries in this blog document the emotional state in which forms my most recent work, the lack thereof, and the journey I am taking to reestablish myself as an artist.

Through years of journaling and hours of examination I have watched myself grow. This journal is an account of who I am as a person and a connection to the art I create. The work created may not always be successful enough to speak for itself and I hope that this disconnect is realized and improved upon through documentation. I am a work in progress, as is my portfolio. But such is life and I embrace the hurdles I must jump to achieve the goals set before me.


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