The First Half

I began reading art Before Breakfast yesterday and read the first half and completed a 20 minute sketch. The first sketch I have made in weeks, and before that months! The book is pretty self explanatory and essentially reiterates everything I learned in Undergrad, which Danny Gregory mentions is a plus to reading his book. Maybe now with more motivation and a more developed brain I am finally letting it sink in and get back in my groove. A list of things I have been reminded of and want to refer back to when I am “stuck”:

  • Stop wasting time on Facebook, Netflix, and gaming when I could be sketching. Even if its only a couple minutes. Get creative during the interim of a busy schedule.
  • Make connections to my everyday and my art by taking the time to sketch these moments. These connections will boost my mood and develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be consistent in making art, don’t skip a single day, know that it takes at least 30 days to recondition myself with better habits, and join or create a support group!!
  • Keep it simple at first and get more detailed when time allows, use what you have.
  • Follow basic steps of contour, additional shapes (don’t let your mind fool your eyes), shading using various texture styles, remember to focus on small sections and then gradually move through the sketch not forgetting about the negative space and distance between objects.
  • Dont get distracted with perfection, create in segments if needed, think abstractly or even forget all rules together and just create!
  • Consider various textures, reflections, lost moments, practicality, use your camera phone, make notations about sketches, or even block off pages for smaller images and create themes to help develop a series.
  • Make drawing a priority before chores, don’t lose all sense of organization but stop worrying so much about the laundry and stop to sketch and think about the chemicals I am using in the house.

This book is definitely worth buying! The ideas presented about what to draw and how to make time in the interim is genius and hilarious to say the least. Its very positive and something I may even consider having available for my students to view when the time comes. I am definitely looking forward to reading the second half of the book. And am excited to see how I develop in my sketches with this rebirth into art making. I will be creating a new page in the blog to document my daily sketches, with the first coming yesterday! More to come 🙂


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