Research Research Research

I am currently reading about healthier food options and have decided to try picking some items up slowly and pricing various stores on their organic goods. I went to Trader Joes this week and picked up their organic, vegetarian fed, free range, cage free eggs. And just wow. I decided go big or go home and went for the best they offered and I am very happy with my purchase. Sometimes I can taste the difference in quality food and sometimes I cannot. But the difference between these eggs and the other cage free eggs I have been buying is insane. There is a definite cost difference in the better eggs, but I am also doing something I believe in by supporting better farming techniques and increasing my health. I will definitely be searching other stores to price their eggs and see what they offer as far as better treatment of animals. Im tired of supporting people that damage the earth. We all damage it in some way, but if I can keep my footprint small, I will. Not to mention higher prices mean less food and less food means less chance of weight gain so it will probably help my fitness habits anyways. Yay for things working together. (Although I would prefer a lower cost.) I am sure my biggest issue is food, but for the purpose of successful training I want to adjust my workout as well.

While soothing my muscles from yesterdays workout I was reading about cardio and weight training and how they should be done to increase the look I am going for. And I can honestly say I am still a bit confused but feel I have the just. Cardio is good for endurance, heart health, and losing fat but it could also mean losing muscle depending on how I incorporate it into my routine. I am going to try and use the Brazil Buttlift and Insanity workout schedule to create my own based on how they organize cardio and strength training throughout the month. I need a schedule that is easy to follow. I also have not been attending near as much as I need to see the results I want. Somedays I do not feel like attending the gym so I might need to start having alternatives set up at home (which may just end up being my exercise videos).

In general I am ready for all of this to fall into place and not just some aspects of life. I think the most difficult part of my journey is going to be unwavering dedication. It is extremely easy for me to just say yes to people to appeal to them, but I am tired of doing things based on the comfort of other people. I need to start doing what I want in life and honestly I don’t think making a healthier version of myself is bad. Im not giving in to stereotypes or a womanizing culture. Im not going to stop being a “true fat kid” or anything else that encompasses my personality. I am merely changing things in my home and life that are going to allow me to be a better teacher, parent, friend, and spouse. I hope that anyone  that feels different or gets upset with me along the way understands that I am doing this for my future and to be in my loved ones futures longer. I cannot wait to cheer to a new beginning this new years. I can honestly say that by the time the new year starts I will be very happy with the advancements I have made in my own life. I hope to continue to grow as an individual and that my energy is not wasted in my endeavors.


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