Working It Out

I did not write yesterday and the days prior I wrote long after my schedule set out for me to do so. As long as I am still completing the tasks I want I am not too concerned when they are getting accomplished throughout the day. I just need to make sure I am keeping up with them. I wanted to be completed with the octopus painting on Monday, but I have run into more issues than expected. It always happens that way and after I learn my craft and style more I hope to better be able to manage my time. In general I have always had trouble with my time management.

I went through my school folders yesterday and I really need to go back through and review the information. I have forgotten some of the skills I learned and I want to make sure I am caught up when I return to school. I have the cleaner greener home book I want to finish as well and was hoping to read marvels for entertainment before I move. So beyond wanting to work on art and other crafts I really want to read through the books that I have.

My new years resolutions next year will most likely be to keep the good habits I (hope to) have formed and finish all the books I have ever wanted to read. I think reading will definitely help me to relate to my future students (since i love young adult series) and increase my knowledge and desire to read more. Beyond the habits I am working on forming now, in general I want to have an overall healthy lifestyle. I would much rather be reading than watching tv or movies. I would much rather be making art or blogging than looking at social networks.

I have completed the background in my octopus painting and am satisfied with it. I have been analyzing the anatomy of an octopus to try and better understand the position for each feature. I feel like I have a good idea of what everything should look like (downfall to using multiple images and positions to create my own image) so that I can finish up the texture of the animal and begin outlining everything. I have been very weary of how I am going to outline it since I have never done anything like that. In two dimensional foundation art we worked in sharpie, pen, ink, and some other mediums to help understand but I am unsure if i will be successful. I still have some india ink and I am thinking that using my calligraphy pen and ink should do the trick but still very weary. I have some other canvases I can test out on so I will probably do that today. when looking up painting methods for outlining on acrylic I started thinking about processes and different materials to work in.

I have been trying to develop lesson plans and ideas so that whenever I start teaching I will already have a nice little bag of tricks for ways to engage the students. When I thought about the process to creating an image I immediately remember the book Speak. I loved that book so much. I think that it was an amazing idea to have the kids choose one image to work with all year long and elaborate on their skills by developing the image overtime. I also think about in photography class how we had an assignment to work from a song and only from the song. Creating images that depicted a specific lyric or mood was very empowering when successful. It really helped to tie in everything and see the song or book as something more. I think that I will use this idea for a lot of things in class.

I have also been considering whether or not to make the octopus a series where I have like at least three images that are octopus related or maybe just stick to an underwater theme. I want to have a way to show my work and I want it to be something people will want to buy. But at the same time I am trying to stay with secondary education lesson plans. I don’t want to work to elaborately or too focused on what a professional artist would do because I am more concerned about targeting the kids minds than targeting my own pocketbook. So yeah, I should definitely work in more items so that I can have a general idea on more things than a focused idea on a few. I would rather be able to help my students sketch a turtle than help them draw an octopus to scale. I should definitely try and look up various popular items and then sketch them. (woot, new project alert!!)

And once again writing has really helped me to make a decision. I will remain focused on finishing the octopus so that I can move on to my next task. I need to remember to take things a little at a time. If the ideas I think up are worthwhile then they will stick around long enough to see out the other tasks. I want to post again tonight to make up for not posting yesterday, but I am concerned because I will not be at home the next couple days that my path to forming good habits will be compromised. I will be home in the evenings so my days will be quite turned around, but I will need to make the appropriate changes to accommodate my plans. I hope that with this change I can still accomplish what I want. It will be a difficult task, but should help to make me more flexible.


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