Today I was accepted to continue the Masters of Secondary Education program I began in 2012. I am nervous to go back, but excited at the same time. I have changed a lot in the last few years and feel more prepared for what the program requires of me. I also am realizing the mistakes I made when first attending and happy to be moving forward. I am optimistic that by this time next year I could be employed through alternative certification and be teaching during my last semester. I am confused about capstone procedures and hopeful that my advisor will be helpful in clearing up any confusion.

With only yesterday and today recorded I have been successful in making good decisions. I am not following my schedule the same as I have it written, but I am fully satisfying all my tasks. I think my hardest challenge is waking up early in the morning after I have stayed up late the night prior. My attention has been short and I am not satisfied with that. I have been focused on what I need to do, but find myself almost confused about what I should do next or even now what I should type. However, if I were to follow my schedule as its written then I should have already eaten three times today and I have only eaten once. So I will use todays problems and test them tomorrow to see if I have the same issues focusing. Although one day is not enough to truly test my focus, I think for the purpose of this test and the personal agenda it represents, that one day will suffice.

I felt really “blah” and lazy yesterday before exercising. Afterwards I was really optimistic about what the evening had in store. I did not do cardio and I ended up waiting around a lot at the gym because machines were being used. However, considering right now I am merely focused on building good habits I am looking forward to attending the gym today. I gained a new appreciation for the gym yesterday and I hope it keeps me going back. People watching is by far the best at the gym. I think that after forming a routine of working out I might build the confidence to request a session with a personal trainer to help build my routine to suit my needs.

I feel as if I should have completed a lot more today than I did, but I am a fan of lists so lets make me feel good!

  • Created a plan of study (needs reviewed by advisor)
  • Emailed advisor regarding appointment and current distance
  • Purchased a parking permit
  • Service desk reactivated my student account
  • Name change request form prepared to fax tomorrow during business hours.
  • Set up printer for wireless usage

What I have learned is that regardless of having lots of progress today I was only able to complete school related work and was unable to meet my dietary needs or work on art. So for the remainder of the day I will focus on the business of art, exercise, and foooooood! Tomorrow I will work to stay focused on my schedule and wake up earlier so that I can complete more tasks.


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