Learning Self-Discipline

As I work towards my career goals I find that I have fallen short on where I want to be with my physical appearance. I have limited my alcohol but will need to start following a no more than 7 drinks a week until I can only drink on reward days. I have started eating a lot more processed foods and in larger servings without proper exercise. In order to look the way I want and reach my goals of physical appearance I need self-discipline. Learning to keep temptations out of sight, stop allowing other menial tasks or social media to distract me from a more productive use of my time. Unplug. I have been considering being vegan again with everything I am reading regarding chemicals in food. But also just learning to take everything in strides, so maybe that will be the next step. A little at a time. Forming good habits means changing bad habits, which is difficult to do when I have told myself for so long that its okay to be less than par. I will need to focus on forgiving my failures and move forward. So in reading about how to learn self-discipline Forbes really helped to build guidelines:

  1. Remove temptations
  2. Eat regularly and healthier
  3. Embrace what feels wrong to form a good habit and break a bad habit.
  4. Make reasonable rewards, don’t be too regimented.
  5. Forgive failures and move forward.

In the mornings I find myself scrolling through social apps when I should be reading or typing. I want to start blogging in the mornings with breakfast. I hope this will help to limit my temptation to social media and focus my mind on my work and career. When I make food I think about something delicious and disregard the health of the meal. I am currently reading about how to make my home cleaner and greener and with this my commitment to healthy options will develop. For the purpose of my current goal I will only focus on choosing healthier options and smaller portions until I have formed good eating habits. This will need to include number of drinks per week (at accurate measurements, no more overflowing wine glasses) and choosing when to reward myself and forgiving failures with proper exercise. Exercise has been the biggest failure of all goals I set out for myself. I loathe exercise! Its the absolute worst! But it is necessary for me to maintain confidence, build self-discipline, and the means to relaxation. In order to properly fit exercise into my routine and make it a lifelong habit I will need to coincide healthy eating with exercise. Half an hour of exercise is recommended per day for a healthy lifestyle. Because I want to tone, use exercise as a means of relaxation, and as I age I will need it to remain more active I am going to work on building a habit of exercise 1 hour each day and develop a more regimented workout as time progresses. So with the guidelines of self discipline and the goals I wish to reach before the end of the year the routine I would like to set in place is:

  • Pre-workout snack (fruit, granola, green tea)
  • Exercise 1 hour (tone, yoga for relaxation)
  • Get ready for day
  • Breakfast and blog
  • Begin work (whatever work is relevant at the time)
  • Lunch and research
  • Return to work
  • Dinner
  • Professional development (reading or practicing design and drawing elements)
  • Snack *optional* (based on rewards, calorie counts, etc)

Building a routine is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to commit to. I like details and I like learning about processes, but I enjoy being spontaneous and trying new things. And when I regiment myself and set a schedule I feel forced, almost as if it is not my choice. I know now that is the feeling of breaking bad habits to form new and better habits. Because this is my choice and always has been, but I never committed. Twenty one days to form a habit, a little over thirty until Thanksgiving, and right in between my schedule will change to accommodate Jacobs’. By the end of November success means sticking to the plan and forgiving any failures along the way. And (once good habits have formed) by December I can add in organic foods and a more detailed workout. By making this plan a habit and routine I will satisfy all my goals set out for the year regarding my health, relaxation, and building skills. The only goal left to achieve is paying off student loans.

I will once again need to use the guide to self-discipline in order to obtain my financial goals. The money saved from limiting alcohol will “pad” payments on my loan. Money saved on eating smaller healthier meals will most likely average out with beginning to purchase organic foods. I wanted to make a minimum payment of a hundred dollars each month to my loans, but I did not begin until September, so only half of my goal will be met by end of year unless I supplement my regular auto-payments with income created from art sales. This will teach me a lesson in business, speed up production, quality of work, and learn what my customer base is.

Heres to starting something new.


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