Back on the Grind

Vacation has passed. I have lived through my four days of festival fun. I traveled across the country. And I still love my husband after doing so. Even more so actually. Life is good.

After returning home I see all these things that need to be done, but they just don’t seem important anymore. So many little tasks and keeping things organized, that maybe have caused me to waste time in my life. Maybe I am still tired or maybe they don’t seem important right now. But overall I feel vacation has taught me to spend my time more wisely. Do the things in life I really want to do, rather than doing things that I feel I have to do.

I’m looking forward to work as we are starting to set up for Halloween!! The rest of the year is going to fly by and before I know it, it will be a new year! Very little time to meet goals I had set out for myself. Especially the art making one! I haven’t made new art in a very long time. I have not read or researched any new art in even longer it feels. I am not sure I am cut out for the typical art kid scene, but hopefully I can still make a place for it in my life.

I got to Skype with my family yesterday for the Fourth of July. Seeing all their faces and talking to my nieces was amazing! Seeing the newest little boy and finally getting to hear my nephews own voice was pure bliss. I hope to see them more and not be so limited by the distance. I am grateful for video and Internet.

I miss my friends dearly. I miss sitting in the truck with Kenny and rambling about shit in our lives. I miss laughing out loud about things only we would think are funny. I miss his big hugs and endearing words. Some friends can never be replaced.
I miss eating with Sam and trying not to spit food as I laugh. I miss us having conversations and deciding on who really made the bitchiest comment. I miss just being in her presence and knowing that I am exactly where I need to be for all good things to happen. I miss sitting in the car with her and trying to find what her current song is by which one she humms, turns up, or causes a memory to spark from.

I have other great friends, but memories built with these two will continue to trump others. What we have been through and helped each other through can never be replaced by another. I have great friends that make me laugh, make me cry when I see them sad, and break my heart when I cannot hang out with them. But having two best friends is a dream! I am thankful for the love and compassion I receive in life.

I love life right now. I hope it only continues to get better.


One thought on “Back on the Grind

  1. this entry made me cry, i cannot express how much i miss you and everybody else that is far away from me that i love. im glad we have technology but that still will nver be the same as having a molten together. hope you come down in february!

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