Keeping Resolutions

I recently went to the doctor after my resolution post and I weighed 149.4lbs which calculates to a normal BMI scale, but my blood pressure was at a prehypertension rate which is not normal. I have since then started my “no whites” diet which is essentially the Paleo diet, but it is accustomed to my own concerns and what I feel I can stick to. I have only exercised an hour to an hour and a half each week, which is extremely low if I want to lower my weight and blood pressure. So in addition to what I have already posted I am going to add to my resolutions to ensure that I keep my word to myself and do what I have always wanted. And that is to lead a calm, happy, healthy, and successful life for myself, spouse, and family.

10 Things to accomplish in 2014

  1. Limit alcohol consumption
  2. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  3. Maintain healthy diet (1200-1400 calories)
  4. Pay $1200 minimum towards student loan
  5. Make 12 pieces of art
  6. Weigh 120, toned.
  7. Increase cosmetic abilities
  8. Learn anger controlling technique
  9. Become more relaxed
  10. Build resume and skills

These adventures will need to be tackled simultaneously and consistently. I will have to build more responsibility and will power than I have ever had. I’m hoping that by accomplishing these goals for myself it will cause me to be a better spouse, friend, and employee. I am also hoping that by limiting the time each day spent on each goal will provide less stress to accomplishing the tasks. Other than exercising, dieting, and building resume I have not done much else. I still need to work on a lot, but I keep thinking of my friends and family and if they have the strength to accomplish what they have, then I should definitely be able to accomplish these small tasks within a year. My mom has lost over 30lbs, Kenny has lost over 30lbs, my parents both quit smoking, many of my friends do not drink as often as I do, majority of my friends have careers not jobs, and considering I have an art degree I should definitely be making more than 12 pieces of art a year. In many situations these tasks would seem to be an overload, but with further look they are very simple and spaced out tasks that should be easily accomplished. Part of writing is to convince myself of the importance of the tasks and another is just simply because I feel the need to journal my life so that I can return to moments in which I have deeply felt compelled to do something, say something, or have just simply felt. Hopefully my next post will be with updates of how some of these goals are coming along and the success of them.


One thought on “Keeping Resolutions

  1. just remember that you are beautiful and especially remember that you ARE strong enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to. and for those days that you are not feeling strong, you can always lean on me and i will have strength to help you pull through the slumps. i believe in you full heartedly and know that these goals are not beyond your reach beautiful. take it and run with it. i love you so much!

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