New Years Resolution

So every year I say the same thing. Get in shape, make more art, become more in touch with my feminine side, have a career by this time next year. And I always find myself not doing those things. I always find myself breaking the same resolutions and just letting myself coast through life.

I enjoyed a lot of adventures and experiences at the expense of others in 2013. And this year I really need to try and hold my own. I have let myself slip away from art making and I am not sure what that means for my creative side in the future. I have yet to start a career or even pay off student loans. So I suppose a New Years resolution important to keep are the following:

Pay $1200 min. towards student loan
Make 12 pieces of art
Weigh 120 by end of year
Increase my cosmetic abilities
Become more responsible
Live by PLUR

By keeping goals simple and steady hopefully this year I will actually obtain my goals. I am also going to make a big sign with them listed for encouragement so I can check them off. It’s pathetic that I must do this but I really want to prove it to myself that I have the will power capable of becoming everything I have always wanted to be.

Money, adventures, and career will fall in to place because I know that they are important to me. But if I feel good about myself and I become more regimented, responsible, and self aware then it should only become easier to set my career in motion.

I am thankful for the friends and family I have in life and I am especially grateful for the life I have enjoyed. I honestly hope this year will only bring that much more joy.


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