Steppin’ Up

Some things will never change, but for those things that will I must remember that only I can be the change that I want to see. I can only control what I do and not what others do.

This has been difficult to adjust to and something that has been weighing on my mind the past couple days. I want to improve the lives of others and be able to speak my mind in hopes that they too see the light in the shadows, but it is so unfortunate when they cannot or will not see where I am directing them. Maybe it’s just that I want to be in control and I cannot be that all the time, but I just wish the best for everyone in their own life.

I slept for about two hours last night and even then I didn’t hit REM. I just kept dozing in and out thinking of everything I need to accomplish before I visit Oklahoma and everything that needs to be handled once I arrive. My mind is utterly full and I wish the world would stop turning in whatever direction it chooses and help me out.

Things cannot always be the way I always want them. And for those moments I must stay positive and be grateful for the things I have and be hopeful for what can occur in the future. In many instances I get upset, sad, and almost mournful over the most absurd things. And once I sit and think about all the reasons I am where I am and what that means for my future I can see sunshine through the rain.

Regardless, I stand by those that will stand by me. And I still wish all my friends and loved ones were here with me to experience the beauty that is Washington State.


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