Personal Need

  1. Organize school work
  2. Complete alternative certification
  3. Change diet
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Stop drinking alcohol
  6. Create more art

There is so much that I want to do in my life that I never seem to have the energy, time, or persistence to actually carry out. I am so tired of failing. At some point I am going to have to become very serious about all this or I am just going to continue down a road of unhappiness. The most important thing is to do what makes me happy and that is to regain my independence. By focusing on my exercise and diet I will gain more energy and a stricter schedule. Eliminating alcohol from my diet will also increase my efficiency and focus in addition to my energy. So I need to force a schedule that will be easy to keep. Eventually I will be working potentially every day of the week.  I will need to package all meals to control portion sizes and limit snacking on unhealthy foods.

  • Monday:
    7-815 Get ready
    815-9 Drive to work
    9-3:30 Work
    330-430 Drive to school (no speeding)
    430-730 School
    730-8 Drive home
    8-9 Workout 
  • Tuesday-Saturday:
    7-815 Get ready
    815-9 Drive to work
    9-3:30 Work
    330-4 Drive home
    4-6 Workout
    6-7 Shower
    7-9 Homework (reading, typing, artifact, study, organize, alternative certification)
  • Sunday:
    7-815 Get ready
    815-9 Drive to work
    9-1:30 Work
    130-2 Drive home
    2-4 Clean house (all rooms, all laundry)
    4-6 prepare weekly meals and make dinner
    6-9 eat dinner and watch 1-2 movie(s)

This schedule will allow for me to meet all the things I want. However, any time a trip, party, or event is taking place then I will have to stay up later each night to ensure that these things are still met (workout, homework, food prep, etc). There isn’t any time allotted for art making, gardening, or anything else really so these things will have to be worked in when a solid work schedule is provided with the new position. This is a good template to work from though for when workouts will take place, how food will be decided and prepared, and how much time is allowed for each part of my activities. If more time is needed for something then a new schedule must be made. However, I need to follow this timeline and learn to only allow that much time for each area so as to stay on track.



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