YouTube Art

TV just got worth watching when I discovered how much easier it is to watch videos on it rather than on the computer. There are so many forms of art and so many artists out there that may or may not consider themselves one. I have seen  a dragon lollipop made for a little boy, a huge ice cavern painting from sidewalk chalk, nail art, lego art, sheep herding LED art, street art made of yarn, trash bag sculptures, and yarn wrapped sculptures. And those are just to name a few that show the diversity of art. Something I have always noticed and tried to deny is that people enjoy art the most when there is something recognizable to them. This typically is the human face or an animal. The turn I am really trying to take is what style of art am I making? Am I making art for a young mind or am I making art for the mature adults home? Because I want art that keeps me young and active in the mind of my students, but I also want something that is going to be considered a fine high art so that I can make decent money off of it.

WHAT IS ART?  The expression or application of creativity and imagination. What makes somethings art and other things not art? Who gets to decide what is art and what is not art, and really I think its also a matter of what is considered good or bad and why it is considered to be so by  an individual or an art critic. I would like to think that good art is based on the time and ideas placed behind it, but even then there are so many famous works of art that have little to no thought in them other than I am going to make something big and red and confrontational and it worked. The art world is pure insanity when you think about it, but there are still so many steps to making art that it is still a process and an understanding of materials. I mean why can one person make something out of the same materials I am working with, but yet they are successful and I am not. Mostly I find that maybe they have more creativity and drive to make art than what I have.

Which brings me to my next question.. Why am I not driven to make art? I know I have never wanted to make a living making art, but I do however want to make a living teaching art and in order to do that I must maintain the drive for the subject. Maybe I am not insane enough, maybe I am not “living the artist life” enough, or maybe its just that I have lost my touch with the artist inside of me. I am not really sure, but I do know that I am not as inspired as I once was. My surroundings do not inspire me to make art, they are not suitable for an artist, and I feel like I am not getting the knowledge, experience, and opportunities that other artists my age are having. Maybe its not that I am losing artistic interest, but rather I am forming new interests? I am very unsure of my direction, but something I am sure of is that I want to be the ultimate educator for my students, and as I am now (speaking in terms of artistic knowledge) I am not confident that I have what it takes to educate these children fully. I want to understand them and I want to assist them in their artistic endeavors whatever they may be…

I guess I am really just trying to understand where I am in life right now, and what is the significance of being here. As in what should I be doing with my time so as not to waste it, but rather learn from it and educate myself appropriately so that I am not behind my peers in this field.


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