Support Group

I have been doing a lot of reading on support groups, artist circles, and searching for other creative open minded people. I am drowning in a world of media, music, brand, gossip, trash! I just once would like to talk about how fucking beautiful the world is. I would just once like to carry out a day full of nothing but deep soul connection with someone that didn’t involve the use of a technology, some media story, or some random fucking article that is going to just turn to gossip and ridiculous facebook posts. Has the world lost its sense? Have they lost their individuality? Have they lost their creativity? I mean seriously, I would like someone to talk to me that isn’t about their relationships, their job, or something they read about through some networking, media, news, social, political, bullshit browser. I want to have a conversation with someone about their senses. I want to have a conversation with someone about the future of children’s lives in the world. I want to have long discussions about how people can make this world a more beautiful place on a small scale. I want to actually have an intelligent, articulate, and thorough conversation with someone without them becoming ignorantly belligerent, negative, close-minded, and inconsiderate to others. It is so impossible! I cannot wait for grad school and I hope it consumes all my time so that I don’t have to think about the imbecilic things people are using their time doing and saying. So disgusted with life and people right now! I just want to find a positive, intelligent, open-minded, creative support group!


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