Automatic Writing Overkill – basically a detailed thought process of my last hours of scheduling the next week.

My mind is so dead. There is so much I need to do and I have done so much planning and I have actually organized the craziness quite well to accomplish what I want, but I am so tired and so strung short that I am unsure of how I am actually going to get it all accomplished. What is killing me today is really just facing the fact that I am tired and need rest, something healthy and natural to keep going. I am so happy that tomorrow will mainly just be some good sleep, a tan, and some paper writing. And Saturday chaperoning kids will be a really nice break after pushing hard tonight and Friday. So I will at least have some breaks. But I will have to be rested enough to actually push just as hard or harder on Monday-Wednesday non-stop to ensure that I have everything I wanted completed to my satisfaction. Hopefully I just have the energy and drive to do it. I cannot believe Nocturnal is next weekend. I have barely even thought about it, it has arrived so soon. Eek! But I definitely think that after working so hard for so long that it will definitely be very exciting to have some time to just dance, rave, and sleep in late! This is definitely an entry for me and not anyone else, because it’s essentially me clearing my head so I know what I actually need to do. A way of drilling it into my head that I don’t have time to waste and letting sleep overcome me would only hinder me from my goals. This has helped. Now time to sketch outlines for the patterns for three vessels in studio. I got side tracked terribly last night and ended up spending hours looking at test dates, certification tests, fingerprinting, salaries, job opportunities, budgeting money to pay off school debt within first year of teaching job. I even spent some time on hours spent for writing papers, so my time wasn’t wasted – but put me on a different schedule.


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