My Mothers Relationships

I am very much like my mother and I have always looked up to her to learn what kind of woman, wife, and mother I should make of myself. My biological father was not her first love, but she had a child with him so she stayed to make things work. Although he was more concerned with drugs and his friends they still ended up having two more children which in total accounts for me and my sisters. My mother left him when I was a year old for the safety and well being of us girls. She was pregnant at this time. She immediately began seeing Ron, my childhood stepfather. He begged my mother to have an abortion or to give the child up. He did not want her to have another child to my biological father. But she refused and kept amber. She stayed with him because he was more attractive and fit than other men and her growing up as a very large girl felt no one else could want her, because she was “fat”. They stayed together, regardless of him forcing amber to live with my biological father and him cheating on my mom with multiple women, including her friends. My mother became pregnant with his child to bring them closer together and because he wished for a boy to carry on his name. When my mother gathered the courage to finally leave him, it took her two times to actually move out before she realized he wouldn’t change. She only had that strength because of the determination and love of the man I now consider my father, James. My mother has a very soft heart, she is very caring, very committed, and will do what’s best for her family and loved ones, always! Because she grew up traditionally believing and seeing men do brute labor and women bear children, cook, and clean. That’s the life she leads with her family. But because of the way men have left her empty handed regardless of her dedication and trust in them, she had to learn to make her own money and take care of her children herself. Seeing my mother struggle, cry, not eat so we can be fed, and sleep in the living room so she didn’t have to be near that disgusting man Ron, made me see very early the type of men I want to avoid.


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