Because this is such an extensive topic and something I have had roughly 15-20 years of memories that surround it, the easiest way I know to separate the breakdowns are by treating them as chapters in a book. Much like a book has a preface, all of my earlier posts will help to guide how this all comes together in the end and what will all be covered. I will create a chapter list here to keep track of topics, as well as to keep me on track during each post.

Chapter 1 – My Mothers Relationships
Chapter 2 – My Relationships with My Fathers
Chapter 3 – The Beliefs Instilled in Me
Chapter 4 – The Abuse (Private Post, available upon request)
Chapter 5 – How I Cope (A daily regiment)

These chapters will provide the majority of the information needed to better understand me and what I need to speak up about. The last two chapters are the most important and will be the longest. In addition to these I could add more on past relationships effect on me as well as how my art and career choice are directly effected and decided by these chapters in my life.


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