Studio Space

I need a space. I need one desperately. Somewhere at home that I can work without worries of getting the house dirty. And a room I can keep slightly messy if needed. I need my work to stay the way I left it for the next time I return to work on it. This is the last year at The University of Oklahoma and out of 4 years, this is the only year I do not have one. It is very difficult to work in the space provided in the painting room. And the other students have grown so inconsiderate that they can not be trusted with someone else’s work or space. I feel at home in the ceramics studio. I have always been provided with the space I need! This semester I am going to try an ultimate combination of focus areas and work on more ceramic paintings in class and begin incorporating actual paint and fabric in the work. I have tried long and hard to separate the too interests, but it’s just not working out anymore. I am beginning to lose all interest in painting, because the styles I see are not the styles in which I want to work.


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