A Hot Mess

My house is an absolute pit, completely abnormal! I have desire to actually make work and get shit accomplished. Is it possible that by being less particular and a slob that I am actually focusing more on art? I think so. I want to get rid of everything I own, minus what I think is essential. But most of all, I want to feel again. Not just feel temporarily, but actually feel alive. I am so careless that its disturbing. I have never been this way.

Went to Brass Bell Studio’s tonight to attend a small group of heavy metal bands. Found out that the Farmers Market has little booths set up for crafty sells as well as delicious home-grown fruits and veggies. Andrea and I are going to see about setting up a dual booth and I can sell ceramics while she sells bags. 🙂 Woot Woot! As well as the booths for the Plaza district are only $10-$30 dependent upon space and I could easily pay off that lot fee with my work!!

Totally inspired by making work, selling it cheap, and getting a cheap sell-zone. Yay for profit and spreading art!


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