Decisions. Decisions.


So this semester has been absolutely ridiculous! I have a 5 page paper to write on Egon Schiele, a 10 page thesis paper including a book of my most recent work, a research presentation on emotions effect in personality (complete with a handout for each student), and then the general work of writing a proposal for my final installation project, a late homage project, finishing all my ceramic work for the capstone show, setting up a separate show downstairs for capstone. Lots of work. Not to mention personal living stuff with two weddings, a tulsa concert, and a two day rave (nocturnal!). I am very excited for the next month. 🙂

Currently working on combining my painting and ceramic fields into one common type of work. My main capstone pieces will entail a ceramic painting consisting of 24 cups collectively creating a wave through their glaze application (displayed through a natural wood handbuilt frame) and a group of roughly 50-100 bowls variously glazed and meticulously placed above a glass entry way into the school of art. The bowl display will be viewed from below to bring more attention to them as an art form and less as a functional houseware or craft art.

I have yet to work a lot on any of my actual textile paintings which saddens me, but its difficult to work on my own, I have found. I am pushed by deadlines and assignments, as much as I actually hate them. I have been looking at a few artists that have made work from worn clothing and I am extremely interested in that style of textile work. I am interested in the history of the clothing and what it means to wear it and why it is not longer being worn. I love placement of clothing and how it is stiched and used in the artists various work. I am getting excited just thinking about all the conceptual work I have viewed using textiles. 🙂


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