Where am I going?

I have developed a new found appreciation for books. I actually enjoy reading quite a bit now, thanks to my Woman’s Studies course. However, the class has taken an enormous amount of time away from my studio time. It wouldn’t be such a terrible situation if I could actually read fast, but I am an extremely slow reader. With that said, I am not sure if I am making any steps towards becoming a successful artist. Since I have been in college I have expanded my knowledge of other artists and their work. I have developed the knowledge of different art forms including drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, media, and pottery. Have I increased my drawing skills, no. Have I increased my painting skills, yes but not noticeably good enough. Everything else is completely new to me! Given the fact that I had absolutely no training in any of those areas ever before, I am happy I have these skills. I am not satisfied with where my skills have taken me. I suppose that with my painting, ceramic, and sculpture knowledge I am capable of creating installations I enjoy. I am not happy with my drawing skills so my printing I feel is terrible as well. My media skills are decent, but not satisfactory. I can work a camera, but do not have my own video camera. So my photography skills are great for what I have been doing, but when documenting and filming is necessary or desirable I am incapable of doing so.

If I were to focus on getting better at everything and being well rounded I would study drawing, printing, and media again. If I wanted to elaborate on the cohesiveness of my portfolio I would work on ceramics and painting, which I prefer. And create my installations with the work of my desires.

What I would like to demonstrate in my work is who I am, where I come from, and what my beliefs are. These are based on traditional values, and alternatively quirky attitude, and societal stereotypes and reactions to conformity.

In ceramics I am creating hand made cups and bowls, setting up a “production line”. This has been the most successful and satisfying work. It is recognizable, most marketable to the people I know, and I can create elaborate installations referring to usage of the objects, their importance, the variety, many many many of reasons why they are so important. Creating an object such as dinnerware references the domesticity associated with it. Which helps to tie into my traditional upbringing.

Painting, especially with textiles has been most enjoyable. It makes me feel extremely feminine and skilled to create art from textiles. I enjoy the fluidity of paints and their easily recognizable form. But in order for my painting skills to get better I must first increase my drawing skills. I am disappointed in myself that my drawing skills are not exceptional or even decent.


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