I need a real vacation

I have been busy busy busy. I feel like I never get a break. Even when I do have a break I have shit to take care of. People to be with. I really wish life wasn’t so busy. I know it isn’t just my lifestyle but the actual lifestyle of an American. Always on the run.. it just makes life so boring. It can make life interesting as well, but I enjoy the times I have to just sit and think, listen to the breeze, the rustle in the trees, and the bugs and birds chirping. I just want to enjoy the heat on my back and just relax. Even on vacation there wasn’t a break. Drive here, drive there, pick up phone here, talk to this guy, eat this food.. I just want a vacation. A real vacation from technology and life. I want to literally sit on a beach, no phone, no laptop, to television, no technology at all. Just me in a bathing suit sipping a corona, watching the waves crash. Ahhhh sounds amazing!


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